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yes you can find holistic professional nail services!


choosing holistic nail products is getting easier than ever before. holistic is a natural

approach that doesn't clash with the earth or is at least a safer choice for you!


how can you achieve this with professional nail services? consider the ingredients in the

nail products you want to use. we recommend going with a line that is free of

formaldehyde, free of toluene, free of dibutyl phthalate (dbp) and free of camphor. it is

also good to consider reducing as much color dye or fd&c color dye as you can. of

course, when you reduce ingredients, it can sometimes reduce the length of the wear,

but because so many nail enamel companies are getting the message from consumers

seeking healthier, holistic nail products, there are more to choose from that actually have

long wear. consider the company zoya. this cleveland ohio based company has hundreds

of nail enamels that look great and wear well. they make for a great holistic nail service.

thesalon at natural solutions uses this brand for our spa manicures and pedicures and

have great color options to choose from.


We also have a line of DYE FREE nail products that we can use for anyone allergic to

dyes or requests an even healthier nail service. These are great when doing manicures

on children or pregnant women.


What if your looking for something more like artificial nails? How can there be an

holistic professional nail service such as this?


theSalon at Natural Solutions looks at the procedure and products involved to

determine this. We look at the following things:


1. Odor level


2. End Result


3. Removal


1. Which has less odor, acrylic nails or gel? The answer would be gel. The acrylic involves a mixture of liquid monomer and polymer powder that is brushed onto the nail, while the gel has an odorless mixture and is set with a UV light and therefore is healthier not just to the client, but also to the one applying the service. No powerful odor removing fans must be considered, so all those in the salon benefit. For this, we recommend Gels over acrylic.


2. What is healthier for the nail itself, acrylic nails or gel? The answer would be gels. Acrylic nails are harsher on your natural nail plate, sometimes leaving an impression or ridges (corrugation) after removal. Gels also allow your natural nail to breath.


3. Which artificial nail is more difficult to remove? The answer would be gel nails. It's not necessarily a bad thing however. Acrylic nails need to be soaked in acetone which is a harsh chemical that can cause irritation as well as have a strong odor. It is also the quickest to remove over gel nails. Gel nails however must be carefully filed off which takes great skill from a manicurist. This means that removal of gel nails are much less harsh overall than acrylic nails.


theSalon at Natural Solutions offers both options. Clients may want to also consider the following however before scheduling an appointment:


1. Which artificial nail service lasts longer? The answer would most likely be acrylic as it seems a bit more durable than gels. If you use your hands a lot or are tough with them, we'd suggest acrylic.


2. Which artificial nail service is quicker to apply or remove? The answer would most likely be acrylic quicker to apply and remove. Usually it takes about 20 minutes to soak the acrylic nail in acetone in order to remove it while gel nails need filed off. The application of acrylic to the nails is also quicker.


3. Which artificial nail service looks more natural and which is more expensive? The answer would be gel nails. Because it takes longer to apply gel nails, it is often more expensive than acrylic. But it is worth trying for sure! No headache, a more comfortable and quiet experience since no heavy fans are used. Many hesitate to switch, but after they do they love it!


Is it normal to have a nail break after a service? It can happen. We suggest customers to avoid using DAWN dish soap as it breaks down the glue faster. Plus I'd suggest avoiding heavy work with your hands. Always protect your nails from being popped off by not grabbing down hard on laundry, using them in the garden. Of course, some may have no issues with this, but we can't guarantee this type of use with your hands won't pop a nail off. Lastly, due to extremes in weather, you may find colder weather giving your nail enhancements more trouble. So keep those fingers covered when going out in the cold.


Consider too, your nail enamel and other treatments involved. theSalon at Natural Solutions has many healthier alternatives to create the perfect holistic professional nail service possible. Make sure you consult with our stylists beforehand to pick what's right for you!



























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